LG blows hot & cold

New from LG Air Conditioning is the Multi V Sync II, claimed to be a unique heat recovery system which means simultaneous cooling and heating is possible from one outdoor unit, reducing energy consumption and operating cost – by as much as 20%.
This is achieved using the three pipes from the outdoor unit in conjunction with heat recovery boxes.  The heat recovery boxes are installed between the outdoor unit and indoor units, and the refrigerant is distributed to the indoor units in its required state (depending on whether or not cooling or heating is required).
Heat that is removed from one room can be used elsewhere within the system where it is required, thus making the Multi V Sync II even more efficient.
The system is available from 8Hp (single module) up to 48Hp (combining multiple outdoor units together).  Up to 40 indoor units can be connected to one system, reducing installation material cost, and installation time. Commissioning is made easy with an auto-piping detection function and the changeover from heating to cooling comes in a maximum of three minutes.

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