Legrand unveils new generation Electrak desk modules

Fresh from celebrating its 30th anniversary, Electrak, which is part of Legrand, has signalled its intention to further enhance its position as the market leader in commercial power distribution solutions by unveiling the next generation of desk modules.

Steve Marr, Marketing Manager for Electrak, talks about how the company that first introduced modular desk power systems over ten years ago once again intends to shake things up with Intersoc-R.

When we first brought modular desk power systems to the market we introduced a level of flexibility that could not be delivered by other desk modules or floor boxes. What we put in the hands of developers and installers was a new, more adaptable product that had the capability of meeting the ever changing demands of end users.

Intersoc-R once again sees us bringing to market a modular product with the potential to significantly raise the standards for desk power systems.

The new range has been designed with the aim of delivering significant new user benefits for everyone from installers through to the end user. Key features include:

  • An enhanced shuttered electrical connection, making it the safest of any fully modular system
  • An improved push-fit action for quicker and more rigid modular  connections
  • A choice of fixed or rotatable sockets
  • A comprehensive selection of international sockets for greater global appeal
  • A wider range of outing connections, including modules with built in GST and ST options

In addition, Intersoc-R still offers the same configuration flexibility as Electrak’s previous ranges, which means a multitude of connection and interconnection options can be created using any combination of sockets and switching/protection modules.

Intersoc-R has the functionality and usability of a product that is set to make a quick and long lasting impression on the market. It delivers faster installation, improved modular connectivity and, thanks to its wide range of international sockets, can be specified globally.

Developed in conjunction with Electrak’s parent company, Legrand, Intersoc-R follows in a long tradition of highly innovative solutions that have helped place the company amongst the world’s most innovative according to respected business magazine, Forbes.

As a worldwide group, Legrand invests 4-5% of its annual net sales in research and development, employs more than 1,800 people in product development roles and currently holds more than 4,000 active patents – therefore it’s no understatement to say that innovation is key to Legrand, and therefore Electrak’s on-going success.

Electrak is renowned for developing and delivering high quality products and the service to match and so when it came to developing a new desk power system it was imperative we delivered a solution that would meet these exceptionally high standards.

And I have to say, Intersoc-R is everything we aimed for and more. Its total modularity delivers an array of benefits that cover all of our target markets – from contractors enjoying its enhanced plug and play capability through to clients being given a truly international product that can be used throughout their global property portfolio.

On top of that, the decision to offer a choice of rotating and fixed position sockets is already proving popular with furniture manufacturers and dealers.

Intersoc-R has the additional benefit of perfectly complementing Electrak’s market leading power track busbar system, which enables M&E contractors to work with just one company for the entire power distribution system from underfloor to workstation.

The benefits of working with one company for the entire power distribution system are immediately apparent. You’ve only got to deal with one contact; product availability and delivery is consistent across all elements; and if you need to get in touch you don’t need to scrabble around through order forms working out who supplied what.

Electrak’s credentials are impeccable. The company designed and launched the first under floor power track system in the UK back in the early 1980s and today, 30 highly successful years later, they are very much the industry standard.

Power track systems provide a high level of flexibility and do so with a compact 63 Amp busbar as opposed to the mass of complex wiring required by more traditional systems. And with a dimensional height that allows them to be installed in the shallowest of floor voids, and tap-off outlets generally available every 300mm length, a correctly designed layout can provide total coverage of any given floor area.

As with the new Intersoc-R, power track is also a modular solution, which means it can accommodate growth and changing requirements or be adapted to new future layouts with ease. For example, workstations and other office equipment can simply be plugged in anywhere on the system, and when change is needed it is easy to move equipment without delay or expensive and disruptive re-cabling. And all of this can be done without the need for skilled labour and without any down time as circuits don’t need to be switched off when changes are made.

This kind of flexibility, which is mirrored across all of Electrak’s modular solutions, not only delivers major cost savings, but equates to an unprecedented level of freedom when it comes to laying out offices and using resources to the full.

Typical Electrak office power distribution systems also incorporate floor boxes, grommets and lighting management and are frequently installed in high specification offices throughout the world.

Perhaps the key factor of Electrak’s on-going appeal is that every element of our power distribution systems offer the significant benefit of plug and play – meaning they are easy to install, flexible and can be re-planned and rerouted should power needs change. This is the perfect solution for commercial office spaces where landlords may need to adapt a system to meet the needs of new tenants.

It certainly seems like Electrak has everything covered when it comes to flexible solutions and in Intersoc-R has a new product range that sits comfortably amongst products that have long been synonymous with the very best in power distribution.

Intersoc-R was launched on 1 January 2013 and has already been specified for a number of projects.


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