KNX welcomes Philips as a manufacturer member

KNX UK is delighted to announce that Philips has joined the Association. The Philips name is synonymous with high quality, user friendly and energy efficient lighting control solutions for a wide range of markets and the company’s new LightMaster KNX range will bring recognised lighting know-how to the world of KNX, providing energy savings, comfort and flexibility.

President of KNX UK, Iain Gordon, commented:  “Having Philips as a member of KNX UK reflects the strength and importance of our fast growing association.  The Philips name reflects quality, innovation and expertise in lighting and their membership will help to raise the profile of the KNX UK Association even more.”

New market

For Philips, membership of KNX UK opens up a completely new market.  As the company’s Lighting Controls VAR and Dimension Dealer Manager – UK, John Preston, explains:  “KNX is not just a communication protocol, but it is also an association. Membership of KNX UK is important as it allows us to develop KNX solutions for the market.  As an open protocol, KNX also enables end-users to easily interface products for each application, such as HVAC and lighting as these can all operate off the same backbone.”

Philips’ first KNX products are targeted more towards the commercial world.  The Philips LightMaster range has been developed to ensure easy integration into today’s modern office environment, for either retrofit or new installations, by maximising the effectiveness of KNX and DALI.  It brings additional solutions to the KNX world, such as dimming actuator solutions that allow the user to decide which lighting protocol output they want to work with from a choice of DALI addressed, DALI broadcast, DSI and 1-10v.

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