KNX UK has a major presence at the 2013 Building Controls Show

At Building Controls, the KNX UK Association’s ‘KNX City’ will feature stands of the Association itself, as well as those of members Wago, Theben, BEG UK and Schneider Electric. Several other members will also be available to answer questions. These include Ivory Egg, Hagar, Asset Integrated, Bespoke Automation, Sagar Smart Homes, EnTech and GES Digital.

KNX UK will be presenting its CIBSE listed CPD as part of the exhibition’s Seminar Programme. It will be presented on 23 October whilst Stephen Payne of Theben is also presenting ‘KNX in Commercial Buildings’ on 24 October.

2013 has seen a number of high profile installations of KNX technology, including KNX UK’s Installation of the Year at the ITV (Orange Building) Offices in Salford Quays. EnTech asked to streamline the design and delivery process of the building control system to be installed at the offices and suggested a full KNX field bus solution to cover all aspects of the lighting, HVAC, metering and sub-system monitoring. This enabled all services outside of the core plant areas to be picked up by the KNX bus. The solution dramatically reduced installation times and costs.

KNX intelligent building controls are an integral part of The Crystal, a Sustainable Cities Initiative by Siemens. The building was designed to achieve top scores on the international assessments for energy-efficient buildings. These include BREEAM which is the world’s foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings. The Crystal encompasses an area of more than 6,300 square metres and is also home to the world’s largest exhibition on the future of cities, an interactive showcase that guides visitors through the urban infrastructure of the future.

On the residential side, a challenging home automation project at a house with an equine centre in the Scottish Borders saw two members of the KNX UK Association working closely together.

The result is an installation that has fully met the aspirations of the property owners and has demonstrated how any electrical contractor in the early stages of using KNX can offer clients all the lifestyle and energy saving benefits of the technology.

For more information contact KNX UK, PO Box 4082, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG42 9EQ, Email: Website:

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