KNX centre stage at Building Controls Show

Building Controls South, 26-27 October 2011 at Sandown Park, is the only exhibition in the UK which is dedicated to the building controls industry and will highlight new product developments and technical innovation in building controls. KNX UK will be holding a series of technical workshops alongside the exhibition to give show visitors the opportunity to find out about the technology.

KNX is the worldwide standard for home and building control, allowing home and building owners or managers to have complete control over the working or living environment. This can include control of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting as well as the operation of blinds and shutters, electrical appliances, windows, security systems, metering and many other functions.

KNX is a simple and time proven system for intelligent electrical installation networking that offers significant advantages over other alternative approaches to building automation and control. Hundreds of manufacturers worldwide produce compatible products and this effectively makes a KNX based solution future proof because if one particular product becomes obsolete, another will be available to do the same job. As every KNX product works on the same principle, there are also no integration issues or extra engineering costs.

Today, the emphasis is very much on green buildings and KNX technology can make an important contribution to energy savings. KNX installations can switch on power-hungry devices automatically when electricity rates are at the lowest. Heating, cooling and ventilation can be regulated separately in each room or area via KNX temperature sensors and it can also prevent unnecessary environmental adjustment when a room is empty. During the winter, when warmth and lighting make an even greater contribution to the comfort that a building provides, KNX can regulate the climate and lighting in individual rooms in accordance with the outdoor temperature, prevailing daylight levels and solar gain.

Mark Redfern, Managing Director of Wieland Electric and also a KNX UK Board member says: “KNX is delighted to be holding the very first technical workshops in the UK as part of Building Controls South. One very important part of any industry is the process of education because this is the only way in which everyone can share knowledge and learn from the experience of others.”

The KNX technical workshops will run across both days of the exhibition and offer hand’s on experience of the technology. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis and can also be pre-booked. The KNX CPD presentation will also be presented as part of the seminar programe.

For more information contact KNX UK, PO Box 4082, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG42 9EQ, Email:, Website:

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