Know your shelf-life

All electronic equipment has a shelf life, so a good maintenance programme, is essential in prolonging optimum efficiency, and should also weigh up when it is time to call it a day. Manufacturers and distributors need to take responsibility for their products while bearing in mind the 2007 WEEE directive.
To help those involved in the industry to find their way around the certification process and likely future legislation, Mitsubishi Electric has produced a free, CPD-accredited independent guide to maintenance, replacement and the WEEE Directive.
“No building services equipment will operate forever. There comes a time when replacement has to be considered,” said Donald Daw, Mitsubishi Electric Commercial Director. “Clearly there are cost implications to this decision, which can be discouraging. However, it is important to identify the tipping point between repairing or replacing an air conditioning system.”
Air conditioning systems should have regular inspections, following three key principles: to encourage good maintenance; to encourage efficient use of controls; and to identify opportunities to reduce cooling loads or operating times.
The guide gives helpful advice on how to reduce energy use, through the proper use of devices such as hand-held air conditioning controls.
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