Keeping the Underground in the picture

Marshall-Tufflex’s Supertube FR, formulated for applications where fire safety regulations are at their most stringent, is a key component in the upgrade of London Underground’s Victoria Line OPO CCTV camera system, where more than five miles (8,100m) of the high-performance conduit has been installed.
Manufactured from a special three-layer LSOH conduit, Supertube FR has provided system integration company KeTech with a superior design solution to protect cables that transmit images of the platforms to the train driver.
KeTech, a leading systems integration contractor specialising in the railway industry, is working for Metronet on the line upgrade, which will accommodate a new fleet of trains. In developing a new and improved camera system, Chris Swainson, Project Manager for KeTech, was particularly impressed with Supertube’s EMC shielding capability when specifying the product for the first time.
“It’s gone extremely well, I’d certainly use it again,” he said. “We chose Supertube for its ability to provide EMC shielding. It has proved a better way to segregate cables, which is greatly beneficial in London Underground applications where there are a lot of unknown cables to contend with.”
Supertube FR meets London Underground’s fire and materials specification, having undergone a series of tests conducted against the rigorous requirements set out by London Underground Ltd.
A Marshall-Tufflex spokesman said: “Having product specified for use in the London Underground system is of immense importance to us and a big rubber stamp for Supertube FR. The underground is a demanding environment that calls for products of the highest calibre and performance. We already had experience of supplying into this type of environment, having provided our Snakeway system into Angel Islington Tube Station, as well as for the subway in Chicago.”

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