Katko blaze the way

As solar power grows in popularity as a source of alternative energy, the requirement for safety has never been greater.

Always with safety and protection in mind, Katko has introduced a Fireman’s Switch, designed specifically to isolate the PV power inside the dwelling in case of an emergency.

The new 6A-20A model has a side mounted, pole operated, ring handle which automatically locks in the off position. The specification also includes a red polycarbonate IP66 rated enclosure with door interlock cover, three cable entries, padlockable handle and contains a four pole, rated load break switch.

This model compliments the existing Katko DC Safety Switch, which sits between the photovoltaic cells and the input to the inverter and an AC Safety Switch for between the output of the inverter and the main switchboard.

For increased awareness, and thereby safety, Katko supply the DC switches in grey enclosures with a black padlockable handle and the AC switches in a yellow enclosure with a yellow/red padlockable handle, making it immediately apparent to the end user which switch is DC and which is AC.

Katko’s DC range covers from 6A DC22 at 440V to 200A DC21 at 1000V. Katko’s AC range covers from 16A to 630A.


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