JS launch Condair HP

JS Humidifiers is launching the Condair HP, a new in-duct high pressure spray humidifier. It can deliver up to 1,300kg/hr of humidification and a potential 884kW of evaporative cooling from just 2.2kW/h of electricity.

A high pressure pump provides water at around 70bar to a series of spray nozzles located on a stainless steel manifold inside an air handling unit. The nozzles release the water as a very fine mist that is quickly absorbed into the airstream. Any water that isn’t fully evaporated is removed from the air by a droplet separator guaranteeing droplet-free humidification.

As the spray nozzles are located uniformly across the duct, the humidity is spread evenly for optimum humidification with minimal waste water. Seven stage operation on the standard model offers humidity control of ±4%RH while a close control option has 15-stage control and provides ±2%RH.

The Condair HP can deliver humidification in up to four AHUs from a single pump station with local control on each zone. This makes the humidifier an economic option for AHUs that incorporate humidification of incoming fresh air as well as an evaporative cooling/heat recovery combination on the exhaust air.



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