JS Air Curtains stand proud

In response to an unusual air curtain requirement from Accor UK & Ireland, JS Air Curtains has custom-designed an independently supported Rotowind air curtain to stand above the glass revolving entrance door at the Novotel London Paddington Hotel near Paddington Station

Accor, who own and operate Novotel, just one of its market leading hotel brands, needed to install air curtains to balance the heating requirement within the main foyer at Novotel London Paddington, which sits in an exposed position with strong winds around tall buildings in the vicinity.

As Accor specifically required a horizontal air curtain, but feared the glass façade would not to be strong enough to support the weight of a standard product, Technical Services Manager, Didier Louis approached JS Air Curtains for advice.  JS recommended a bespoke solution based on its 1.5m Rotowind air curtain for revolving doors, specially modified as a free standing unit supported by ‘goalpost’ legs.

Having previewed JS bespoke air curtains at various premises, Accor was confident that the company’s design would blend in with the Novotel London Paddington’s unique façade.

Didier Louis commented: “Our challenge was to find a product that could provide a high level of heat requirement but not be intrusive to the modern interior design of the hotel. It needed to match the building structure with a fixing solution above a glass top revolving door. JS Air Curtains came back with the answer that ticked all the boxes.”

JS Air Curtain’s Rotowind range was designed to meet the specific conditions of a revolving door, which can act as a low-speed fan, forcing a mass of cold air into a room with each rotation. By combining a Rotowind with a revolving door system, this cold air is prevented from entering.

The Rotowind’s curved air outlets can be tailored to any size of revolving door to provide a tight seal across an entrance.

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