It’s time for Tempra

Vent-Axia has launched the new Lo-Carbon Tempra – the first single room heat recovery unit on the market which allows contractors and social housing specifiers the opportunity to quickly and easily replace existing, inefficient fans with a discrete, low energy, continuously running alternative.

Providing up to 74% heat recovery, the Tempra is the only unit of its type which can be retrofitted through a 100mm diameter hole in the wall. This enables standard bathroom, kitchen, toilet or utility room fans to be easily changed for a Tempra without the need to make the hole any larger, saving significantly on installation time and cost.

The unit’s compact heat exchanger is capable of recovering any heat from extracted air and returning it back into the dwelling. This performance, taken together with Tempra’s integral Lo-Carbon DC motor, brings significant energy savings and will help reduce a home’s carbon footprint.

Tempra is discrete and quiet in operation. It can be set to run continuously at 6l/s or 9l/s, boosting up to 13l/s if required. For intermittent extract applications, the unit can be set to operate at 15l/s.

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