It’s in the bag for Riegens

A feasibility study recently carried out by Riegens Lighting for supermarket chain Netto confirms that fluorescent light fittings now offer a realistic and cost-effective alternative to HID luminaires, for low bay and high bay lighting in warehouses and similar spaces. Following a significant increase in electricity tariffs, the company decided to explore options for re-lighting its warehouses, beginning with the main warehouse in Yorkshire. Netto’s criteria were to reduce energy consumption and create an improved lit environment with minimum cost and disruption.

Riegens solution, which has now been accepted by Netto, involved replacing these fittings with the new HB-Eco 4 x 55W fluorescent fittings, using 4000K colour temperature tubes, on a point-for-point basis. Part of Riegens Power Saver ECO range, the luminaires will be controlled via integral occupancy and daylight sensors to minimise running hours, resulting in projected savings of around £50,000 per annum on energy alone.

The ability to include integral emergency lighting in the fluorescent fittings also means there is no need for a separate emergency lighting system, as would be the case with HID lighting.

Further savings will be achieved through lower maintenance costs as the fluorescent tubes offer a life of 16,000 hours before re-lamping is required, compared to around 9,000 hours for HID lamps. The use of multi-lamp fittings also means that a single lamp failure will only have a minimal effect on light levels in the area and re-lamping can be scheduled for a convenient time. When single lamp HID fittings fail, light levels in a wide area fall dramatically so the lamp has to be replaced immediately to maintain a safe working environment.

Mick Garlinge, Head of Building and Development at Netto, commented: “Although we can’t do anything about the rising cost of energy, we can do something to reduce our energy consumption.  Energy efficiency has always been a key focus area for us, with heat reclaim, low energy lighting and BMS in 80% of our stores – putting Netto amongst the most efficient retailers in Europe.  However, the benchmark continues to develop and it was quite clear that we needed more than just a low energy lighting solution for our warehouse. We contacted our lighting partner Riegens who came up with the ideal solution in terms of energy savings, low maintenance and illumination levels”.

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