It’s all cool at the Ice Dome

Under a €1.5 million contract, Fläkt Woods is supplying the complete ventilation requirements for one of Europe’s new landmark buildings the Ice Dome in Düsseldorf.

Construction of the new multi-functional venue is already well underway, and Fläkt Woods’ engineers are currently advising on the technical aspects of ventilating the building’s parking areas.

As part of the contract Fläkt Woods is supplying 35 Jetfans for the underground parking areas, with diameters of up to 400mm and with truly reversible performance.

Located at Theodorstrasse in Düsseldorf-Rath close to the exhibition grounds and the airport. the large facility, which will feature a futuristic design and lend itself to a wide variety of uses, is scheduled for completion in September 2006. The multi-functional arena will have a 13,400 spectator capacity.

The project is a multi level car park with run and standby smoke extract fans rated for 300oC and fresh air inlet fans for CO and smoke ventilation, with Jetfans installed in the basement and lower ground levels and on half levels between.

The system incorporates automatically controlled and operated damper units that open as required on the CO/ Smoke ventilation level.

The location of the Jetfans has been determined by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling/analysis, to ensure good distribution of air throughout the car park to prevent dead spots for pollution and movement towards extract grilles for smoke ventilation.

Using CFD, Flakt Woods engineers are able to calculate how the airflow within the car park behaves under normal running conditions and during a fire.

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