Inverter unit completes range

The extension of the Daikin inverter driven mini chiller range signals the company’s ability to cover any cooling/heating requirement up to 14kW for the residential and light commercial market. Furthermore, the new EWAQ/EWYQ unit returns some of the best ESEERs (European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios) and COPs in the industry today.

The mini chiller range is able to supply chilled water between 5 and 220C and hot water at between 25 and 500C at ambient temperatures of 10 to 450C and -15 to 350C respectively. Also, as well as delivering significant energy savings, it offers easy installation, compactness, quiet operation and the provision of constant room temperatures.

Underpinning Daikin’s concern for the environment, the mini chiller range is equipped with an inverter controlled scroll compressor offering maximum efficiencies, particularly in part load conditions. The 3 phase 9kW model for example, returns ESEER ratings up to 4.73 in cooling mode and COPs up to 3.48 in heating mode. 

In addition to limiting stop/start cycles and thereby reducing energy consumption, the use of inverter technology ensures precise and stable water temperature control and higher comfort levels.

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