Intelligent compressor developments

An intelligent compressor is one that, by means of its electronic controls and software, has the ability to operate automatically with optimum energy efficiency.

It reacts to and takes into consideration all operational requirements and parameters.

It actively monitors parameters such as pressure, temperature and electrical supply ensuring that the operation of the compressor remains inside the application envelope at all times.

This development is arguably the most significant recent advancement in refrigeration and air conditioning cooling technology.  The availability of the intelligent compressor brings a number of significant benefits to the end-user and the refrigeration engineer. These include energy efficient compressor performance, reliable and safe compressor operation.

The intelligent compressor is typified by the latest generation of BITZER CSVH Compact Screw Compressors.  Communication is one of the most exciting advances in this type of compressor and the ability to use the internet for remote diagnosis of performance and for maintenance is now achievable using software tools and a web-server built into it.  There are also connection possibilities that make interrogation of a compressor via a mobile phone or tablet possible too.

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