Integrator turns manufacturer

A KNX systems integrator turned KNX manufacturer when the owner decided to build the world’s best lighting control module after years of installing other manufacturers’ sub-optimal, proprietary products.

Durable Technologies Ltd was formed in 2005 after founder Alex Carter decided the commercial lighting controls industry needed products that were functionally advanced in terms of their power reduction features, long projected service life and guaranteed manufacturer’s support.  At the time, Alex was successfully running a KNX integration business – Design and Integration Control Technology – and being fully experienced in the KNX protocol, saw the potential of a new product that would meet these criteria.

After years of listening to the complaints of building owners that their lighting control system was either obsolete, not working properly or could not be re-configured to suit their changing needs, Alex decided to build his own lighting control solutions using KNX because he saw the biggest problem for buildingg owners as being the reliance on manufacturers to service an installation and not make their proprietary products obsolete.

Another reason for Alex to turn to manufacturing was his passion for carbon footprint reduction and a drive around any city centre will reveal the extent of the problem.  Empty offices with lights on; the sun shining through a window but the lights inside still at full brightness; and of course lights on at night after everyone has gone home.  Alex saw the opportunity to design and build an open-standard based lighting controller with industry leading energy management features.

KNX was the logical choice to ensure interoperability and long service life because of its strict design specifications and enforced third party testing.  Furthermore the KNX product would be available to over 15,000 KNX partners with the ability to integrate and service the new product.

After 18 months of quiet product development, the DLC1000 KNX Lighting Control Module was launched together with its companion DLS1000 Sensor Head.  The DLC1000 is, in Alex’s opinion, the most advanced and sustainable LCM on the market, incorporating features that address all the issues raised by building owners whilst also complying with European and International Standards.  In developing this product, Durable Technologies also became the first KNX technology company approved by the Carbon Trust.

Alex has aggressive plans for the DLC1000 and future commercial lighting control products, he says: “Commercial lighting is emblematic of the whole global warming problem. With potential energy savings of up to 60%, nothing makes more economic or ecological sense than investing in KNX intelligent, open-standards lighting control technology.”

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