Integra multi-functional units with simultaneous heating and cooling from Climaveneta

Climaveneta now provides simultaneous heating and cooling, multi-functional outdoor units over 900kW. The Integra range is an intelligent four-pipe system able to generate both hot and chilled water in the same building. The four-pipe configuration also enables heat to be redistributed around the building, extracting heat where cooling is required and delivering it to areas requiring heating, thus improving overall energy efficiency.

As such, Integra is ideally suited for buildings with variation in solar and internal heat gains through the day, typically offering around 40 % reduction in primary energy consumption compared to a conventional boiler and chiller combination. The system is highly responsive to changing heating and cooling loads, with the ability to control the two hydronic circuits independently of each other in response to the precise requirements of each conditioned space.

Integra units are available in air-cooled and water-cooled configurations with cooling capacities from 36kW to 924kW and with a choice of scroll, screw or inverter screw compressors.

In addition to the energy savings, Integra enables significant cost savings through reducing the amount of central plant (compared to boiler + chiller) and the time required for installation.

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