Instant heat

To provide economical and environmentally friendly solutions for difficult heating applications, Focus SB has just introduced to the UK market the BURDA range of commercial quality radiant heaters. These are ideal for heating infrequently used areas or buildings that are either too difficult or too expensive to heat using conventional heating systems.
Unlike traditional forms of heating which are developed to build up a body of warm air, these beautifully engineered products provide instant heat by emitting short-wave infrared radiation. This passes through the air with minimal losses and is converted to warmth as soon it comes in contact with solid matter. This form of energy efficient heating avoids the usual problems and costs associated with pre-heating an area, including the loss of heat from draughts or from hot air rising. It also feels warm to the skin, even though the ambient temperature remains the same.
To suit different applications the BURDA range includes a selection of models which range from small 1kW heaters through to the powerful 18kW versions which are appropriate for use in large open space buildings such as factories or sports facilities.

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