Innovation helps regulate building temperatures

Researchers at Nottingham Trent University have developed a new system that will regulate the temperature inside buildings in extreme climates.

The system, which can be installed in new or existing buildings to regulate the temperature, will mean a reduced demand for traditional systems such as air conditioning or heating. Working in both extreme hot and cold conditions, it will also reduce the amount of energy consumed by using these traditional methods.

New technology

Amin Al-Habaibeh, inventor of the system and reader in advanced design and manufacturing technologies at the university, commented: “There has always been an issue in regulating the temperature inside buildings in extreme climates, and current solutions have a number of problems associated with them, including the fact that they are complex and require significant maintenance.

“This new method will reduce energy consumption and improve building temperature in these climates by utilising the consistency of the ground temperature, while maintaining the traditional look of the building.”

The system utilises a conductive heat transfer between the ground and the envelope of the building by transferring the heat from the building to the ground in the summer and transferring the heat from the ground to the building in the winter.

Amin added: “This is a much more sustainable way of regulating building temperature and we’re currently in talks with a number of UK companies to develop the technology and commercialise it internationally.”

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