Indoor microwave LED sensor-lights

The new RS PRO LED S1 and S2 sensor-controlled lights from Steinel (UK) Ltd are setting the standard for maximum energy efficiency and long lifespan.

The RS PRO LED S1 and S2 indoor sensor-lights combine low energy LED light output with high-frequency sensor technology that’s sensitive enough to provide instantaneous light when a space is occupied – and switch off when it’s empty.

The RS PRO LED S1 and S2 are extremely easy to install and are particularly well-suited to the retrofit market.

Available in two sizes, the RS PRO LED series offers complete flexibility. The well-established 16W RS PRO LED S1, with an LED output of 873lm is joined by its big brother, the 22W RS PRO LED S2, which has an LED output of 1525lm. The S2 offers the same innovative technology as S1, just in a larger format.

With no start-up curve and no relay clicking sound, the RS PRO LED series is a truly modern answer to sensor lighting. Each high-frequency motion sensor, which has a 360-degree angle of coverage and up to 8m reach, instantly detects when people are using a room.


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