Increased choice from Andrews

Andrews Water Heaters, part of Baxi Commercial Division, has announced additions to the components of the SOLARflo solar thermal water heating system, including an extended choice of flat plate collector, the introduction of a new heat pipe evacuated tube option and added protection for the pump station.

The new SOL25OH flat plate solar thermal collector, manufactured within the BDR Thermea group, measures 2.35sq m and is suitable for installation in landscape or portrait orientation.

New design places the absorber in a fabricated frame and the glass finish of the collector has been adapted to improve the efficacy of UV light, thereby increasing its efficiency for UK installations. Marketed under the Andrews Water Heaters brand, SOL25OH is MCS approved and ready for immediate specification.

The new heat pipe evacuated tubes, a high specification version of evacuated tubes, further extend the choice of solar thermal collectors. Designed to prevent solar fluid overheat and stagnation, they are particularly intended for buildings that have periods of low demand and/or non-occupation, especially when solar gain is high, such as schools.

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