Increase solar efficiency

Meeting the increasing demand for systems with energy efficient credentials that utilise renewable technologies, Renolit’s ALKORBRIGHT and ALKORSOLAR roofing materials are ideal for use in flat or sloping roofing situations.

ALKORBRIGHT is a white, single ply roofing membrane designed to ensure optimal reflection of solar rays, a point of particular importance when used with solar PV systems and thermal solar installations. Unlike alternative white roofing membranes that are fitted with a dark under-layer, ALKORBRIGHT is completely white the whole way through, improving levels of solar reflection in excess of 95%, which is particularly impressive when compared to an average 82% efficiency from alternative standard white membranes.

Due to its reflective nature, ALKORBRIGHT can also contribute significantly to the reduction of a building’s internal temperature. Reducing the surface temperature of a roof from 80°C to 40°C can positively affect the temperature inside from 30°C to 25°C helping to reduce air conditioning and cooling demands, running costs and CO2 emissions as a result.

To help ensure such levels are achieved throughout the life of the product, ALKORBRIGHT is fitted with a transparent protective lacquer which helps reduce levels of dirt build up.

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