In at the deep end

MHS Boilers has launched a new range of direct gas-fired swimming pool condensing boilers and water heaters. The Ultramax 600 range are sister products to the company’s hugely successful and popular R600 condensing gas-fired central heating boilers.

There are three types of water heater in the range – swimming pool boilers, water heaters and bypass water heaters.  With seven models in each of the types, and outputs up to 571kW, there is a model for most light industrial or commercial hot water or swimming pool applications.  As you would expect from the Ultramax stable of boilers, these appliances are class-leading in both power and efficiency, with low emissions and power to weight/size ratios.

Utilising a heat exchanger and water ways that are fabricated totally from high grade stainless steel, these state-of-the-art heaters are designed to operate with direct water or swimming pool water without the need for intermediate heat exchangers or hydraulic separation.

High combustion efficiency is achieved thanks to the water-cooled, down-firing, premix burner system arrangement and the Ultramax 600 range also has extremely low environmental impact with NOx emissions at just 35mg/kWh @ 0% O2.

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