Improve efficiency with Kinetico

With fuel efficiency and carbon reduction top of the agenda, Kinetico is urging building services consultants and contractors to consider the positive contribution effective water treatment technology can make, especially in hard water areas.

“Building services equipment which is specified for its energy efficiency at the design stage can be quickly compromised in its performance by the build-up of scale” says John Bisset, Kinetico’s Operations Director. “This is a common problem in hard water areas of the UK, including London and the South East. It’s imperative that effective, low energy water softening technology is specified at new build stage or retrofitted where problems have occurred to ensure HVAC systems can perform to their design efficiency.”    

In hard water areas, minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, can quickly build up as scale and inhibit the heating efficiency of commercial boilers, DHW tanks and reduce the water carrying capacity of pipework. Over time, and without effective water softening treatment, problems can escalate resulting not just in poor performance but in component breakdown and repair. Using Kinetico non-electric water softeners is proven to stop scale forming.

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