HygroMatik launches VortexSteam

To tackle restrictive long absorption distances in the air handling unit, HygroMatik has introduced VortexSteam. Insufficient absorption can result in contamination risks while long ducts can take up too much space.

VortexSteam addresses this issue by significantly shortening the absorption distance whilst maintaining optimum hygiene and performance. This is achieved by placing the VortexSteam module in front of a steam manifold which spins the air, mixing air and steam to shorten the absorption distance by up to 50%.

VortexSteam saves energy and water as it is able to reduce the absorption distance without having to increase the number of lances. As a result far less condensate is formed in the lances ensuring that the humidifier is much more efficient. 

VortexSteam provides the consultant with greater flexibility as it is easy to install and is ideal for retrofit within a pre-defined space.

HygroMatik’s modular and upgradable system places hygiene as a priority whilst maintaining cost, energy and efficiency. VortexSteam is available with HyLine, CompactLine, HeaterLine and HeaterCompact.


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