HygroMatik launches enhanced pressure steam system, the DDS, for condensation free steam

HygroMatik, a leading humidification equipment manufacturer, has launched the DDS, an enhanced pressure steam system for the production of condensation free steam.

The DDS regulates air humidity to maintain a consistent atmosphere and is for environments that require controlled conditions, such as hospitals, galleries and clean rooms. The humidifier system also has application in manufacturing and production processes.

Compact and lightweight, flanged connections make it easy to install the DDS to an existing source of steam.

One system, four components

The two types of system, DDS 20 and DDS 40, are available in two versions.

Separate components can be added too; the steam separator, strainer, condensate drain and start-up safety switch. The DDS is the only system to offer these four components in one unit.

Your system, your choice

Available in stainless steel and mixed material, the DDS offers a steam output ranging from 180kg/h to 770kg/h.

Efficient and reliable

The DDS uses condensate-free saturated steam to achieve the shortest possible humidification distance and its closed system prevents any loss of steam.

To improve efficiency, a multi-lance system can be installed, depending on the absorption distance, steam output and duct height.

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