HygroMatik launches a new generation of steam humidification solution, FlexLine

Leading humidification equipment manufacturer, HygroMatik, has launched FlexLine, its new generation of steam humidifiers. The range features the most diverse choice of customisable options to date offered by HygroMatik.

FlexLine functions as a construction system. Starting from a basic model, only the add-ons needed to meet the specific humidification requirements of an environment are selected. You do not pay for unnecessary features.

Adaptable to any humidification scenario, FlexLine optimises indoor air conditions for industrial, commercial, cultural, domestic and leisure facilities. It can also control and stabilise air humidity for industry and processes with precision.

An intuitive touch screen control system makes it easy to set up and monitor the exact humidity levels required for any environment.

FlexLine’s steam humidifiers have 16 performance modes and offer a steam output ranging from 3kg/h up to 130kg/h. The units feature durable parts which include an improved base material for better performance and reusable cylinders for longer life cycle.

Capable of operation with treated or ordinary tap water, the new FlexLine series replaces the existing HyLine and CompactLine electrode steam humidifiers and the HeaterCompact element humidifier.

FlexLine’s steam humidifiers also offer the possibility to be connected together in order to achieve higher steam output.

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