HygroMatik humidifies the UK

HygroMatik is introducing the DDS to the UK which is a significant development in steam injection humidification.

Suitable for use in air supply ducts, the DDS provides dry steam on demand into the system. The equipment is lightweight, easy to install and operates with great sensitivity, combining very rapid reaction for high humidification requirements with especially fine control in lower ranges.

The DDS is a highly engineered, closed system that humidifies with condensate-free saturated steam. The high performance separator, strainer, condensate unit and start-up safety features are available in different materials such as stainless steel and SG iron, combining to give a unit that is compact, light and extremely energy efficient. The DDS can be configured individually and is particularly recommended for installation where space is limited or where absorption distances are short.

The DDS provides the driest steam possible via an internal, close pre-heated lance system which is supplied directly from the separator or, alternatively, from a separate steam supply. This not only saves space but allows for rapid regulation during the start-up and minimises condensate as there is no air-flow heating.


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