Hybrid ventilation from Aereco

Aereco has come up with a useful solution for new air tight dwellings requiring mechanical ventilation which offer economies in both energy and cost and allow contractors to meet the demands of the code for Sustainable Homes and the forthcoming changes in BREG 2010 Part L legislation.

By cleverly combining the low energy, low maintenance and acoustic benefits of the Passive Stack System (PSV) with the airflow advantages of Mechanical Ventilation, Aereco’s new Hybrid solution offers unique levels of performance and control.

Sitting between PSV and mechanical ventilation, hybrid ventilation is a new concept from Aereco that uses passive stack ventilation ducts coupled with non-permanent low pressure mechanical assistance that is used only when the forces of natural motors (wind) are not sufficient to ensure the required airflow. Start-up is automatic and may be activated by a temperature sensor or a pressure controller.

The air is admitted by humidity sensitive air inlets in the main rooms (bedrooms and living rooms) and evacuated through wet rooms (toilets, bathroom and kitchen) through humidity sensitive extract grilles. These components make it possible to control the airflow according to the needs for each room.


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