Hybrid heating combines boilers and heat pumps

MHG Heating’s Hybrid boiler/heat pump units are designed to exploit the characteristics of each of these heat sources to deliver the optimum balance of heat output and energy efficiency. Crucially, they are backed by many years’ experience of creating the best solutions for each project.

MHG Managing Director Graham Rodd explains: “The potential for energy savings by using Hybrid boiler/heat pump units is huge but it’s critical to get the control strategy and the hydraulic design right. This is where our specialist knowledge can prove invaluable to specifiers who have not configured such systems before.”

Wide range

MHG Hybrid units are available in a wide range of different configurations, using ProCon gas fired condensing boilers or EcoStar oil fired condensing boilers, combined with ThermiAir or ThermiStar air source or ground source heat pumps. Hybrid units can be combined with MHG solar thermal units where appropriate.

The company also offers the ThermSelect dual air source and ground source heat pump unit, which can reduce the groundworks required for using a ground source heat pump by as much as 50%.

Optimum stratification

All of the Hybrid configurations are combined with MHG’s thermal storage vessels which are designed to maintain optimum stratification when used with multiple heat sources.

Graham Rodd continues: “Making the best use of low carbon heat sources is all about getting the right balance. Some specifiers avoid combining heat pumps and condensing boilers because of the perceived complexity but the benefits for the end client are significant, so it’s worth teaming up with specialists such as ourselves to arrive at the best solution,” he concluded.

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