Hybrid heat for Portsmouth

In its continuing drive to cut carbon emissions Portsmouth University has recently installed a ThermiPro Hybrid Heat Station from MHG Heating in one of its campus buildings. The Portland building consists of five separate plant rooms housed in five separate towers, with each plant room feeding a dedicated area of the building with heating and hot water.

The ThermiPro coupled with a new ProCon 75 condensing boiler, has replaced two ageing cast iron boilers, large calorifier and a fan dilution system.

Comprising of a solar package / air source heat pump and integral condensing boiler, with the ability for a fourth heat source , all coupled to an integral 500 litre thermal store, the ThermiPro is performing extremely well and has cut emissions and fuel usage.

Alan Breeze, the universities principle engineer was keen to utilise the full potential of the unit including its advanced intelligent controls which potentially have uses throughout the campus.

Energy savings are predicted to be no less than 50% per annum, with the intelligent controls utilising the most abundant free energy source whenever possible.

Sensors have been placed on the outgoing and incoming pipework to allow the graduate students and the university staff to monitor the performance and to undertake comparative studies between old and new technologies.

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