HVCA and Amicus agree deal

Agreement has been reached between the HVCA and the trade union Amicus on a third three-year operative pay deal.

The new Operative National Agreement – which took effect on Monday 6 November 2006 – includes increases in hourly rates of: 3.5% from 6 November 2006; 3.5% from 3 September 2007; and 4% from 6 October 2008.

Corresponding increases have been agreed in overtime premium payments, responsibility and daily travelling allowances and weekly sickness and accident benefits – along with an increase in the level of lodging allowance.

A commitment to further discussion has also been agreed in relation to: tea breaks in the light of current health and safety legislation; and the growing use of agency labour across the sector.

Peter Rimmer, HVCA Head of Employment Affairs, confirmed that the agreement once again provided employers with long-term certainty of labour costs: “It is important, especially at a time when many building services engineering contractors are finding themselves tendering for major contracts lasting years rather than months, that they are able to calculate their labour costs over a similarly protracted period. This agreement delivers on that requirement.”

Mr Rimmer added that the matters identified for further discussion represented evidence of a wish, on the part of both employers and the trade union, to continue the modernisation of the Operative National Agreement which has been taking place over the past decade.