HVA raises concerns

In its response to a consultation on the forthcoming Green Deal scheme, the HVCA has highlighted its concerns over various aspects of current Government policy.

In particular, it draws attention to the fact that, in order to be effective, assessors appointed under the regime will have to be highly qualified individuals with a broad range of skills.

The Association goes on to point out that the requirement for assessors to have professional indemnity insurance cover could prove extremely costly, with the result that few small and medium sized firms will be likely to enter the market. It also highlights a lack of clarity as to how such policies would be policed, especially where an assessor has ceased to trade.

The proposed approach to third-party assurance and the enforcement of compliance with assessments are further causes for concern. HVCA Head of Sustainability David Frise said: “Our members will be reluctant to expose themselves to yet another accreditation process, viewing it as just one more administrative burden and so will be deterred from participating in the Green Deal, to the detriment of the viability and credibility of the regime and achievement of national carbon reduction targets.”

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