Hoval helps reduce emissions

As part of its sustainability strategy, Derby County FC (the Rams) has installed a Hoval STU wood pellet biomass boiler at its Pride Park stadium. It is believed to be the first professional football club to adopt carbon-neutral biomass heating and is a continuation of the club’s aim to be more environmentally friendly.

The 600kW STU boiler will meet the base heating loads of the stadium, with additional top-up from existing gas-fired boilers to meet peak loads. The STU boiler qualifies for the Renewable Heat Incentive and RHI payments are expected to exceed £600,000 through the period of the grant. Pitch heating is provided by a separate natural gas fired Hoval SR-Plus boiler.

Derby County President & Chief Executive Sam Rush said: “Here at Derby County we are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment and the installation of the Hoval STU wood pellet biomass boiler certainly does that.”

The Hoval STU boiler has been supplied in a skid-mounted configuration that includes pumps, fans and fuel delivery augers. It also features the FlameTronix control system, which ensures optimal wood pellet combustion resulting in ‘best in class’ efficiencies of 92%.



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