Hotels could still save money

A new study has shown that the European hotel industry could still save very significant amounts of energy and costs by upgrading its lighting to new energy efficient lighting technologies.
Figures show annual savings of more than 450 million euros in running costs, and an energy consumption – the equivalent of more than two million tons of CO2 are possible by a simple switch of light bulbs.

The study by Philips compared sales and market data of the European hotel sector for new energy efficient lighting technologies compared to older less energy efficient solutions.

Two examples demonstrate the potential for savings. In 2006 the European hotel industry still used more than 55 million ordinary incandescent light bulbs in its buildings, which use up to five times more energy than alternatives. These alternatives, which are available today, include energy saving CFL lamps and new LED solutions for decorative lighting. In addition Philips has just announced a new MasterClassic Halogen lamp which uses 50% less energy than an incandescent lamp whilst providing the same quality light. By simply switching over these bulbs annual savings of more than 200 million euros could be achieved. MasterClassic will be available in September 2007.

A further area of savings would be a switch from low & mains voltage halogen lamps to new alternatives such as the new ecoboost LV halogen lamps, CDM or LED technologies. These offer not just energy efficiency, but also higher quality lighting and less maintenance.

The research also showed many examples of good practice and there is a growing awareness of the issues around energy efficiency such as Climate Change, rising energy prices and impending legislation.

“Energy efficient lighting generally costs a little more to purchase but the paybacks are fast and the savings during the light bulbs lifetime are very significant, says Harry Verhaar, Senior Director Energy efficiency at Philips Lighting.”

A wide range of energy efficient solutions exist today and allow both hotel owners and their guests to change the atmosphere through the use of lighting.

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