Holophane saves 50%

Holophane Lighting’s new ecapsule is a simple to retrofit energy reduction system, designed for use with the company’s Prismpack and Prismalume hi-bay luminaires, which enables 0-10V dimming of 320W to 400W metal halide lamps down to 25% of initial lumens. As such, ecapsule has the potential to reduce the energy consumption of existing installations by up to 50% with typical paybacks within 12 months.

Installation is very straightforward, simply requiring replacement of the existing magnetic capsule with the new electronic capsule – and retaining the existing glass reflector. This switch to electronic control gear reduces the lamp’s lumen depreciation so it will often be possible to replace 400W lamps with 350W, resulting in a lower installed electrical load and even further energy savings.

The ecapsule also features Digital Ignition Technology, an innovative ignition system that effectively warms the electrodes prior to ignition to reduce erosion and extends the life of both metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. The ecapsule microprocessor monitors the lamp condition and, once the lamp arc is established, the ballast immediately switches to current mode control.


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