Higher module efficiency

Tridonic has launched second generation versions of the popular TALEXengine STARK QLE and LLE LED systems, which have been enhanced to offer 20% more light output and even better light quality.

Originally introduced earlier this year, the square (QLE) version is ideal for wide area illumination or for long-run projects, whilst the linear (LLE) version has been designed for creating clear lines of light.  Both can be used separately or in combination and offer a variety of options to luminaire designers who want an alternative to T5, T8 and TCL fluorescent lamps.  Easy to install, all versions will fit a wide range of lighting systems, from diffusers to louvre luminaires.

The LED module has an operating current of just 300mA but is capable of achieving a luminous flux that previously required 350mA. The change to identical control gear with reduced output current reduces the power consumption of the luminaire by 20%.  If one continues to run the LED module with an operating current of 350mA as before, luminous flux increases by 13%, while the luminaire’s power consumption remains constant.



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