High performance with Minela

Utilising a single high performance LED, the new Minela task light from Waldman Lighting provides uniform illumination over a wide surface area with no shadowy areas. With a minimal energy consumption of only 6W, Minela can easily be adjusted to individual requirements with a single touch, whilst the sleek head is also versatile and simple to position, putting the light exactly where it is needed to provide bright, glare-free work surface illumination. The energy saving LED produces no heat and has a life of around 50,000 hours.

The flexibility of the support arm allows the luminaire to be set up or fastened to the desk outside the writing and reading area, making it suitable for both right and left handed users. Minela combines ergonomic functionality with a contemporary design and the latest lighting technology, providing maximum illumination whilst retaining extremely low energy consumption.

Health, working effectiveness and other ergonomical factors are all affected by the provision of a good visual environment, and a task luminaire is the best way of achieving individually adaptable lighting.


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