Help is on hand from Grundfos

It was over a year ago that Haiti first hit the headlines when it was struck by an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale. The aftermath was grim, with the Haitian government estimating the final death toll to be 230,000 with a further 300,000 injured and two million people left homeless.

In October last year there was more bad news when it was announced that there was an outbreak of cholera which has since escalated and threatens the entire population. So far 200,000 Haitians have been affected and numbers are expected to increase. Cholera is spread by ingesting contaminated water, so getting access to clean water is fundamental to beating this disease that has already killed thousands.

Grundfos Pumps has been on hand since the earliest days after the earthquake when they supplied the first SQ Flex pumping station, shortly after that through their charitable foundation they donated a further 20 units and worked with Water Mission International to ensure they were correctly installed . Today more than 30 Grundfos units are providing clean water for 100,000 people and more are planned.

Safe drinking water is now the top priority for Haiti and Grundfos SQ Flex units can deliver this, even in the most remote areas.

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