Heatpak from Stokvis

Stokvis Energy Systems has been building packaged boiler rooms for many years and the company has now standardised on Heatpak units that have a standard specification for various heating loads to ensure rapid delivery to site, generally six to eight weeks.

By installing a Heatpak on the roof or alongside a building, valuable building space can be utilised and because of the relatively low unit weight many roof top structural limitations can be overcome.

On-site labour time is kept to a minimum, which is essential on a fast track programme, while the packaged nature of the installation eliminates possible damage by other trades.

Heatpak units can contain a range of equipment, including high efficiency boilers and condensing pre-mix boilers, plate heat exchangers, pressure and booster sets and the latest Stokvis introduction – solar panels and vessels.

The combination of a high efficiency boiler and plate heat exchanger gives the benefit of a fully modulated heating and hot water system, dramatically reducing running costs and giving a very short pay-back.


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