Heat recovery from LG

LG’s Multi V Sync is a heat recovery system which operates both cooling and heating simultaneously to give users cost savings and energy efficiency – no matter the season and space.

There is a Co-Efficient of Performance of up to 6.3 when both heating and cooling are demanded by the end-user.

This third generation air conditioning product is especially suitable for hotels, hospitals and buildings sites which normally require both heating and cooling in different areas at the same time.

When the user wants to change the indoor unit’s operating mode (say from cooling to heating), Multi V Sync takes less time compared to other products: this fast response of mode change provides a more pleasant and comfortable interior environment.

Multi V Sync units can be used singly or in multiples depending on the size of the building. They are available in 8HP right through to 16 HP (22-45 kW) options, with up to 48 HP (134 kW) available using three units in a single system.

There is a wide choice of indoor units to suit the style and decor -wall mounts, cassettes, floor standing, ducted and the award-winning Art Cool series.


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