Heat meters from Sontay

Sontay has added a new range of compact heat meters and heat meter integrators to its comprehensive offering. The products are simple to operate and easy to read displays make them the ideal addition to any building management system.
Sontay’s new MW-CHM series of compact heat meters consist of a water meter, two matched high accuracy temperature sensors and a heat meter integrator. The microprocessor-controlled calculator has a large, easy to read display that constantly shows the energy used with the ability to view the last 15 monthly values – a real advantage when calculating a building’s energy consumption. Additional measurements and instrument data can be easily displayed by scanning three display loops.
The MW-DGM series of heat meter integrators come complete with a matched pair of high accuracy temperature sensors and pockets with a temperature sensor length of 3m as standard. An optional 10m sensor pair is available as is a 230Vac supply option. Integrators are available with an LCD read out and pulsed output, and the integrated non-volatile E2PROM automatically stores data six times a day with the last 12 months values available.
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