Guide helps save energy

The most comprehensive practical guide to steam systems in recent times has arrived with the publication of The Steam and Condensate Loop from Spirax Sarco. A superb training or reference resource, the book helps engineers to optimise plant operations and save energy.
The Steam and Condensate Loop explains the principles underpinning steam engineering and heat transfer. It covers all aspects of steam and condensate systems, from the boiler house, through the steam distribution system to the point of use, and recovering and returning condensate back to the boiler.

The manual runs to 1,464 pages, yet its modular approach enables busy engineers to tackle this complex subject in manageable chapters that can be completed in just 30 minutes. The combination of this modular structure and a comprehensive index makes the book easy-to-use for experienced engineers looking to brush up on best practice, as well as for anyone new to working with steam.

There are 117 short modules arranged into 16 blocks, which are clearly explained using illustrations and application-based case studies. Each module has self-test questions at the end.

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