Dunham-Bush has supplied a variety of heat emitters during the recent refurbishment at St Martins Primary School on the beautiful Island of Guernsey.

When Bob Farrell of Channel Design Consultants in St Martins Guernsey was commissioned to provide a design for the heating system, he needed to source a range of heat emitters that would satisfy both the demands and physical constraints of the building.

Understanding that a comfortable environment, where pupils are educated, is fundamental to the success of the learning process, Bob was able to select the most suitable solutions from the Dunham-Bush range, one of the most comprehensive on the market.

Taking into account the specific requirements experienced in   different areas at the school, a variety of emitters were selected.

Series AM 25 and AM 20 fan convectors combined with Finvector perimeter heating were selected as the most suitable solution in the classrooms. Series BM chassis units were installed within a wall void in the main hall area, where the only visible evidence of a heat emitter are the grilles fitted flush to the wall.

In a location where both wall and floor space was not a valid siting option and fast response heating was essential, a Series 600 fan convector was installed into a ceiling grid as an ‘over the door’ heater, which eliminated the cold ingress of external air by creating a warm air barrier.

Completing the line-up of Dunham-Bush products were freely suspended Evo-lite radiant panels. These were installed in the main activity area, freeing up valuable wall space, whilst providing maximum efficiency and comfort levels for the pupils and staff.

Mr Steve Willcocks, Project Manager for Education Services, said, ‘We are delighted with the end result and would like to thank Channel Design, Allied Heating Services and Dunham-Bush for a job well done.’

St Martins Primary School is at the heart of St Martins Parish in Guernsey and enjoys excellent support from both parents and the local community. It offers a broad curriculum that promotes creative and independent learning.

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