Grundfos give ARLA food for thought

When Arla wanted to increase their mozzarella production, they turned to Grundfos for assistance, as within the production process, water needs to be separated out from the milk. This residual ‘cow water’ as it is colloquially known, includes the nitrogenous compound urea, that traditional treatment plants struggle to deal with and therefore it needed to be sent off-site to be treated, which was an expensive process. Grundfos introduced them to their BioBooster – one of Grundfos’ next generation solutions.  These stand-alone units clean wastewater in a biological process, that through its ultrafiltration membranes, eliminates bacteria at its source by removing organic and bacterial contamination.  This treated water complies with strict discharge limits and achieves all necessary water reuse standards.

In this instance the outcome has been that at this Arla site alone they can clean 450 m3 of water daily – that can be reused in a suitable process or despatched into a local water course – a true win/win situation. This winning combination was reinforced at the recent Global Water Summit that saw readers votes secured this Arla/Grundfos project the prestigious Industrial Water Project of the Year award.


If this Grundfos BioBooster solution has given you food for thought as to how it could benefit your operation, email us at

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