Grundfos continues sustainable journey

Grundfos has released their 2008 Sustainability Report, explaining the great strides that have been achieved by the international pump manufacturer. To ensure they retain this edge, Grundfos continue to invest a total of 5.2% of their annual turnover in researching and developing new products. 

Despite the current global downturn, Grundfos still lead the way in helping to gain acceptance of the important role that increased efficiency pumps offer.  For example between 2005 and 2008 the sale of Grundfos ‘A’ labelled circulator pumps alone accounted for energy savings of an incredible 536 million kWh.

With their new business companies focussed on ensuring there is clean water available everywhere it is needed via clean-tech solutions, Grundfos are continuing to establish drinking water plants, run by solar energy, in communities all around the world.

In addition Grundfos has reduced their own energy consumption by 26% since 2000 (in line with turnover), through a series of initiatives.

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