Gripple proves that innovation is the key to success

Innovation continues to drive the multi award-winning, employee-owned Gripple Limited.


Based in Sheffield, the company’s exceptional success in construction and design is undoubtedly due to the matchless securing and tensioning qualities of the unique patented Gripple wire joiner and tensioner, of which more than 300 million have been sold across 85 countries, with exports representing 80 per cent of production.

When combined with various wire rope lengths, several sizes of the iconic wire joiner create Gripple hanger kits. A growing number of contractors find Gripple hanger kits their first choice for easy, safe and cost efficient suspension or bracing electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing services.


Gripple hanger kits are strong, tamper-proof, aesthetically pleasing and installed up to six times faster than traditional methods. The wire rope is wrapped around the service – eliminating the use of brackets – and secured by a Gripple wire joiner, with height adjusted by a Gripple torq tensioning tool. Gripple hanger kits come with a wide choice of end fixings, including one for driving into concrete slabs, and can utilise the c-clip, which allows services to be suspended vertically from catenary wires, or the trapeze for suspending pre-fabricated units. In addition to hanger kit suspension, the adjustable pipe clamp replaces differently sized traditional pipe rings for plumbing applications.


The hangers’ minimise accidents and installation equipment hire, and deliver huge savings in labour and component costs. They also benefit the environment by emitting in their production up to 17 times less carbon dioxide than other systems and, because of their light weight, reduce fuel consumption during transit.


Annually, the company sells £18 million-worth of products and around 12,500 miles of wire, all products less than three years old. With turnover now hitting £30m, 300 employees, offices in Strasbourg and Chicago – and more ‘in the pipeline’ and representatives and partners in across the world – Gripple enjoys ongoing expansion.


In addition to numerous other accolades, including three Queen’s Awards in each of the scheme’s categories, Gripple was voted Best SME and Best Factory by The Institute of Mechanical Engineers and Manufacturer of the Year in the Manufacturer Live Awards.

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