Greater flexibility from OKNI

By adding both variable air volume and air direction control, the OKNI range of active chilled beams from Solid Air has overcome many of the problems associated with traditional chilled beam designs. Now an application can be changed without the need for either expensive re-design or retrofitting of new air distribution equipment.

Consultants and engineers can often be put off from selecting chilled beams for variable use office spaces for fear that they cannot accommodate a change in the occupiers needs for example, from a standard office space to a meeting room. Solid Air has addressed this issue by adding the eXtravent feature to their highly popular OKNI chilled beam range.

With eXtravent nozzles running along the full length of the beam in distinct sections, their outlet size can be adjusted via a sliding magnetic strip, accessed through the face of the beam. This allows the volume of primary air to be varied significantly without the introduction of excessive noise and hence gives designers variable capacity performance.

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