Great Chemicals Come in Small Packages  

– New Sentinel Commercial Chemicals Dose Systems Over Three Times Bigger –  

Delivering lifetime protection from corrosion and limescale in commercial heating and cooling systems is now easier, faster and more efficient thanks to Sentinel Commercial’s new ‘Triple Power’ water treatment chemicals. Able to dose systems over three times larger compared to the previous award-winning formulations, Sentinel’s Triple Power X100 Inhibitor, X300 Cleaner (for new systems), and X400 Cleaner (for older systems) chemicals offer market-leading performance, with 1 litre treating approximately 20% more system volume than the next best competitor product.

The new Triple Power Range comprises a new 5 litre drum, which treats a system volume of 1,667 litres, a 10 litre drum, which treats 3,333 litres, and a 20 litre drum, which treats 6,666 litres. By comparison, the previous formulations were available in drum sizes of 10 and 20 litres and treated system volumes of 1,000 and 2,000 litres respectively.

“By cleaning or protecting systems up to three times bigger, the new Triple Power chemicals give installers and service engineers the option to use a smaller sized drum for the same job,” explained Chris Shelton, Sales Director for Sentinel Commercial. “For example, an engineer that would formerly have used a 10 litre drum to treat a system will now be able clean or protect an even bigger system using just a 5 litre drum of a Triple Power chemical – that’s packaging half the size and weight than before.”

Using smaller or fewer drums for bigger jobs offers a number of practical, cost-saving and environmental advantages, including easier storage, transportation, handling and dosing, in addition to less waste.

“At Sentinel Commercial, we’re always looking at ways to advance and improve our products and services, even when they are already the very best in the market. Instead, we’re committed to making the best better, and making the water treatment process more efficient, effective and simple,” he concluded.

The Triple Power chemicals are a crucial part of Sentinel’s simple yet comprehensive best practice system of ‘clean, protect, maintain’. This approach, when followed and used in conjunction with Sentinel Commercial’s high quality, proven, boiler manufacturer endorsed water treatment chemicals, is designed to deliver lifetime protection from corrosion and limescale, and avoid costly and disruptive issues such as premature parts replacements, reduced system energy efficiency and effectiveness, and breakdowns.

In this best practice system, cleaning removes contaminants, protection prevents corrosion and limescale in clean systems, and maintenance ensures on-going protection. Practically speaking, an installer would use a Triple Power Sentinel Commercial X300 Cleaner to remove installation debris, flux residue and greases from a new system or Sentinel Commercial X400 Cleaner to remove black oxide magnetite and other corrosion debris in older systems, and Sentinel Commercial X100 Inhibitor to protect the system. Maintenance involves the regular use of Sentinel SystemCheck to analyse system water, and the implementation of corrective action, if required.

Sentinel Commercial’s Triple Power chemicals will be available from merchants from the end of November 2016. For more information please visit

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