Going ape for comfort cooling

Kimpton will help to keep a range of rare and endangered animals happy after being awarded the heating and cooling system maintenance contracts by Chester Zoo. Kimpton takes responsibility for maintaining ideal conditions in the Zoo’s ‘Realm of the Red Ape’ enclosure, housing critically endangered orang-utans, the ‘Asian Plains’ enclosure which accommodates the Indian Rhino, and the animal health centre where sick animals go to be nurtured back to health.
“Maintenance of HVAC systems is critical in a zoo environment and plays a significant role in sustaining a good quality of life for the animals,” explains Richard Kimpton, Managing Director of Kimpton Building Services. “At 110 acres, Chester Zoo is one of the largest in the UK, and receives over a million visitors a year. It is known internationally for its enclosure designs and breeding programmes and Kimpton’s expertise will support that reputation, helping to ensure that the HVAC systems operate efficiently at all times, so that the animals can remain safe, happy and healthy.”

The recently completed £3.5 million ‘Realm of the Red Ape’ enclosure, opened by Nick Knowles of DIY SOS fame in May, houses critically endangered Sumatran and Bornean orang-utans. The exhibit is fully heated and ventilated to provide an excellent all year round living environment for the Orang-utans and members of the public in the viewing galleries.

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